Subway's buffalo chicken sub

March 2020

Poor Subway. Everyone makes fun of Subway. And I don't know why! I think there's a lot to like about it! They do custom subs. Their restaurants smell like fresh-cooked bread. They hired a pedophile spokesperson. Oh, maybe that's it.

This is Subway's Buffalo chicken sandwich, on wheat bread.The chicken is unbreaded white meat tossed in sauce. Not drippy but close. Sauce is wet, which sounds gross. It's not.

Subway's buffalo chicken sandwich, a footlong.

You can put any cheese you want on it. Provolone? Swiss? American? All a go. Gruyere? Manchego? Fine, not any cheese. But you have options. Cool?

I also put ranch dressing on them. Or, I asked the guy to do it. Subway is not happy when you climb behind the counter to select your own dressing. They'll add it themselves just fine. The combination of cheese and ranch ends with a nice, smooth mouthfeel.

It's not especially spicy, but the Buffalo flavor is nice, if subtle. I wouldn't mind more, but it's still acceptable.

One of the best parts about this sandwich is that it's put into the oven. The bread ends up toasted, but not too much, and the cheese melts. The filling warms, but not completely evenly. Wait a minute, and the heat will spread out, like a cup of water accidentally spilled on a laptop. But tastier.

A closeup of Subway's buffalo chicken sandwich

There's a nice range of add-ons, like spinach and green pepper. Very customizable, and you can pretend it's healthy because there are five leaves of spinach on your sandwich. It's not a salad, but you can get a decent amount of veggies on it. I always want onions, but usually when I'm getting Subway, I'm on my way to meet people. I don't want onion breath there, because I want to continue to meet people. You're welcome, friends and family.

This is not a remarkable sandwich, but nothing is bad. Overall: damned with faint praise. 7/10.