PopCorners sweet chili

January 2020

You might question why I'm writing about another chip so soon after the last one. You might wonder if it's a good idea to review something else that doesn't have the word "buffalo" in it. Heck, you might even say I should stick to things that have the chance of being good, or failing that, at least a chance of being bad. Why review something that's just gonna land between a 4 and 6?

Hang on, reader, I'd say. Maybe PopCorners Sweet Chili will shake things up. They certianly were creative in their lack of spaces in the brand name.

A bag of PopCorners Sweet Chili chips.

Let's open a bag of PopCorners Sweet Chili and find out. The first thing one experiences is a nice smell of chili. I tell you that you must be wrong, reader, and PopCorners Sweet Chili has it all figured out.

Then biting down on PopCorners Sweet Chili, there's a very pleasant crunch. The chips have a good toothiness to them. Wonderful, PopCorners Sweet Chili! Perhaps everything is in place!

PopCorners Sweet Chili chips on a plate

But wait. PopCorners Sweet Chili, where is your flavor? You have a chili smell, but not a chili taste.

There is a slightly sweet flavor, but oh! PopCorners Sweet Chili, is that from the popcorn or added sugar? There is a pile of sugar and flavoring at the bottom of the bag. Is that where all the PopCorners Sweet Chili flavor is? Maybe I should throw out the chips and lick the bag.

The sugar and flavoring from the bottom of the bag.

Oh, reader, you were right! This is another mediocre non-buffalo chip. I should've listened to you all along. 6/10