Getting Hungry's Buffalo Chicken Wrap

May 2020

Are you getting hungry? If you are, you might've read the previous post about Getting Hungry, the restaurant.

But this post isn't about the previous post. It's about the giant lion in the entranceway.

The giant wooden lion.

Seriously, go back and look at it again, it's amazing.

A head-on photo of the giant wooden lion.

This sandwich, on the other hand, isn't amazing. It should be! It starts out really well: breaded chicken cutlet, blue cheese crumbles, hot sauce. This is all good.

The half-assembled wrap.

But then it gets uneven. I've had this a few times, and sometimes the chicken is warm! But usually not. Sometimes it's served with blue cheese dressing in addition to the blue cheese crumbles. But sometimes not.

The finished sandwich.

When it's cold and without dressing, a 5/10. With hot chicken, 7/10. Hot and blue cheese dressing brings it to an 8/10. Take your pick of scores.

But seriously, go for the lion.