Murray's Buffalo Cheese Curds

February 2020

I never asked if the Buffalo cheese curds at Murray's Cheese Shop are made from, well, buffalo cheese curds. I figured it a silly question – they weren't Buffalo buffalo cheese curds.

These are fried curds, with buffalo sauce in a bowl, like cheese cereal in spicy milk.

A bowl of buffalo cheese curds.

Ok, that's a bad analogy.

These curds are lightly breaded, fried, and topped with a Buffalo sauce.

The breading is amazing. It's barely there, but enough to give a bit of crispiness. They probably would've been even criespier if I had gotten sauce on the side. The walk back to my office let them absorb some of the sauce, but the breading was not yet soggy. But that's on me. Don't criticize Murray's Cheese Shop for bad choices I made.

Speaking of the sauce, it had a great flavor. A low-medium amount of spice, but that level varied from curd to curd, depending how much sauce ended up on it.

A bowl of buffalo cheese curds, with less sauce on some of the curds.

Balancing out the heat level was all the cheese you're eating. Because it's fatty, it cuts the heat to a delicious amount. The heat builds up as you eat more and more, and the bottom curds were sitting in more sauce.

Just don't let them get cold. They get harder and less chewable. The cheese was soft, almost melted at first, and as such was better.

Buffalo cheese curds: 9/10 buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo.

Oh, wait! You know how much people hate inflation? Well, Murray's understands you. These buffalo cheese curds are only $4, so you can buy them even if you're stuck in 1985.

Murray's Cheese Shop cheese counter.