Melt Shop's Buffalo Chicken Sandwich

April 2019

"Melt" is what geologists call lavaThey also call it "lava". Science is complicated.. It ranges from 1200 to 2200 degrees Fahrenheit. No Scoville number matches up to thatAlthough if you eat something hot enough, you might wish to melt your face off with lava..

You can't buy any melt at Melt Shop, only sandwiches, shakes, and fries. And tomato soup. Presumably the reason they have tomato soup is to pair with grilled cheese, which they also have.

I had their buffalo chicken sandwich. Even though it has two chicken tenders, because of the restaurant's name, it's made very much like a melt: with cheeese between two pieces of bread. The whole sandwich is assembled and grilled. The bread is buttered, nicely crispy, and very present in mouthfeel.

The Melt Shop's buffalo chicken sandwich

The chicken is tender, with crispy breading. The pepperjack cheese adds a nice fattiness to the flavor.

Buffalo sauce is skimpily applied, to the point of being just a suggestion. Disappointing. Tenders are not tossed in sauce; it's applied to the bread. I think; I didn't get much sauce.

The restaurant has a clean design: a lunchroom motif, minimalist designs on their food containers, bags, and drink cups. Their drink cups are made of plastic, so don't put any molten rock into itWait, is "magma" also the same thing?.

The Melt Shop's minimalist box and drink cup.

If the goal was to make me melt away, it didn't work. And I could have used some heat, because I ate Melt Shop's buffalo chicken sandwich in November. More sauce would have bumped it up a few notches, but what I got was a 4/10.

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