The Flying Buffalo

A mysterious screenplay has appeared in my mailbox. In it, Batman saves Gotham from a lack of blue cheese caused by the villain Trader Joe.

Return of the Lion. This time its mane deal is making buffalo chicken wraps. How do I feel about that pun? I've got some pride.

Murray's makes a second appearance, this time in the mac and cheese category. Can they live up to their previous appearance?

A buffalo chicken sandwich from a cheesesteak truck. What could go wrong?

There's a lunch shop in Manhattan. It's infested with a giant wooden lion. I went on giant wooden safari to try their buffalo sandwich.

It's hot in Texas. It's so hot, that Texans had to make bigger hats to provide shade, and their dogs are Lazy Dogs. And their Lazy Dogs have Dirty Dogs. That's a hot dog.

Sweetgreen has a sweet buffalo chicken bowl. It doesn't taste sweet, dude. But it is spicy.

Ride the subway. Eat the subway.

Two recipes for the price of one? Hale and Hearty has some serious buffalo going on.

KFC's fried chicken has eleven herbs and spices. Will it get eleven herbs and spices? Only the Colonel knows.

Murray's Cheese Shop has buffalo cheese curds. My only mistake is that I'm not eating them now.

Popping up here: a new post! You might find it too corny, but I think you should chilli. (I'll see myself out.)

David Chang might not be happy once he reads my review of Fuku's spicy chicken sandwich. Luckily, he'll never see this.

There's buffalo pizza in Penn Station. Penn Station is in New York. New York has really good pizza. Too bad there's no transitive property to make it good.

Dang Sticky-Rice sriracha chips are hyphenated for no good reason. Check them out anyway.

Melt Shop's buffalo chicken sandwich is fine. Nothing to write home about. It is, however, something to write here about.

Sticky's Finger Joint has, well, buffalo chicken fingers. They're not really sticky. Although a chicken finger is kind of stick-shaped.

Yankee Doodle Dandy's buffalo soldier is declaring independence from boring lunches.

Shake Shack's Hot Chick'n is live! At least, the post is. Don't try to eat a sandwich that is alive.