Gary's Steaks' Buffalo Chicken

April 2020

There's a lot going on in the buffalo chicken hoagie from Gary's Steaks. The sandwich itself is pretty simple; the complexity is in the food truck concept itself. Let's explain Gary's Steaks.

Gary's Steaks food truck

Gary's Steaks is a food truck that is known for their Philly cheesesteaks. Philly cheesesteaks are from Philadelphia, but Gary's Steaks is a truck based in Brooklyn. Philly cheesesteaks are a steak-based sandwich on a hoagie. A hoagie is a term for "submarine sandwich roll". Buffalo chicken…if that needs to be explained, read every other article on this site. Actually, that's good advice even for anyone. Gotta keep that view count up.

At Gary's Steaks, it's obvious that buffalo chicken isn't the specialty of the food truck. And it's not just the name "Gary's Steaks". On the menu, the buffalo chicken sandwich comes after sides, sauces, and sodas. It only beats out veggie hoagies, thank goodness. I would be embarrased to order a buffalo chicken hoagie if it was on the menu after a Pesto Veggie hoagie.

Ok, now to the sandwich. They don't skimp on the chicken – there's almost nothing else inside the sandwich other than shredded chicken. This is a mixed bag, though: even with the provolone, the sandwich is dry. How did they make that happen? Is there a type of provolone without moisture?

The sandwich in its wrap.

There's not much spice in it, but the flavor is fine.

Even though the sandwich is dry, you wouldn't know that from the bread or wrapper. The bread is soggy, not giving much flavor or texture. Heck, even the wax paper is eaten through from the sauce! I don't understand this, because the overall experience is of a dry sandwich.

Close-up of the buffalo chicken sandwich.

4/10. Stick to the steaks. They've got to be better, or this truck wouldn't be called Gary's Steaks.